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Products & services: New design and optimisation

New design and optimisation of heat exchangers, taking your requirements into account (technical data). Best possible heat transfer and vibration-free design.


Renewable energies

Heat exchangers for biogas plants, biogas treatment.

Energy saving

Improving efficiency, saving on operating costs.

Tubular heat exchangers

THE for a wide range of different applications and media.

Plate heat exchangers

PHE of various designs.

Air-cooled heat exchangers

Air-charged heat exchangers, air coolers, air heaters, gas heaters.

New design & recalculation

Optimised new design and recalculation of heat exchangers.

Optimisation of model series

Make the most of savings potential by optimising whole model series.

Service, maintenance, repairs

Spare parts, repairs, service: fast, competent, worldwide.

Seminars, training, consultation

Seminars and consultation for HE design, inc. optimisation.


Thermal design of heat exchangers

We carry out the following heat exchanger calculations:

As far as new designs are concerned, we take your requirements into account in terms of the technical data such as e.g. flow rate, material composition, temperature, pressure, maximum permissible pressure loss, heat capacity. However, other construction-related conditions such as type of flow guide, connection nominal diameters or maximum space requirements are also considered accordingly.

With our concepts, we attach great importance to an optimised design, both with regard to the best possible heat transfer and vibration freedom for the heat exchanger. This prevents vibration damage from the outset, particularly in the case of tubular heat exchangers.

We can carry out recalculations, comparison and revision calculations for existing or planned heat exchangers. This gives you more confidence for the respective application.

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