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Products & services: Air-charged heat exchangers

Optimised air-charged heat exchangers for cooling or heating. Available in different designs e.g. table cooler, with V-shaped tube arrangement or as a wet cooler.


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Renewable energies

Heat exchangers for biogas plants, biogas treatment.

Energy saving

Improving efficiency, saving on operating costs.

Tubular heat exchangers

THE for a wide range of different applications and media.

Plate heat exchangers

PHE of various designs.

Air-cooled heat exchangers

Air-charged heat exchangers, air coolers, air heaters, gas heaters.

New design & recalculation

Optimised new design and recalculation of heat exchangers.

Optimisation of model series

Make the most of savings potential by optimising whole model series.

Service, maintenance, repairs

Spare parts, repairs, service: fast, competent, worldwide.

Seminars, training, consultation

Seminars and consultation for HE design, inc. optimisation.

Cooler as table version for water-glycol/air
(224 kW, aluminium lamella, copper tubes)

The following air-charged heat exchangers (AHE) complete our range:


Technical data (approx.)


Application possibilities


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